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Oct 1, 2012 11:00pm EDT
congress. you have to do these things and you are not. >> moderator: mr. cantor, let's talk about the fiscal cliff. business tax rates and rates such as the taxes on investment income. one approach endorsed by mitt romney calls for the lowering of individual rates and broad support in the elimination and reduction of existing tax exemption. on the other hand, letting these tax cuts expire on individuals and families making $200,000 in $250,000. what do you think is the best approach to individual tax rates that can help grow the economy and actually reduce the deficit? cantor: we do need to make sure that we are not raising taxes in this country. what's good for the country is to create jobs. back in the how we help others and get going again. that is how we get tax revenues into the federal government to help manage that data. so we don't want to raise taxes, but yes, we want to reform taxes. we want government conference of reform. we have a corporate tax rate that is the least competitive in the industrialized world. what does that mean? that means where companies are looking to lo
Sep 26, 2012 11:00pm EDT
or more. it out to be a big issue in the debate and governor romney. i think they have similar views. it's such an important issue. >> via twitter, mr. ambassador, one viewer has a broad question, a broad statement. what do you think? >> guest: i don't know whether he's referring to iraq or iran. based on my own experience as a diplomat come it's very difficult for the united states to go winning plan to topple the regime. in march 2003 are military was brilliant in our offense into iraq and they could launch saddam hussein. but then we found that we had to stay and occupy the country and we were there for eight years and it was a sad story, tragic story of what happened. and so i think the united states needs to be the strongest country in the world. at the same time we need to know the value of restraint. we can't solve everybody's problem and we can't overuse a massive military to to do too much. we can't fight our way through every problem. another thing president obama has been talking about is we do need to return to diplomacy backed by the force, of course, a strong mili
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2